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I’m a photographer, art historian and copywriter living in Antwerp, Belgium. I hold a BA in Art History from University of Gdańsk and a BFA and an MFA in Photography from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. Currently I’m working on various photography projects, as an assistant on sets and at Stieglitz19 gallery. In previous years I interned and worked at Jef Claes Studio, Valerie Traan Gallery and M HKA, Antwerp.

Working at the intersection of art and science, my artistic practice is focused on analysing parallels between senses and memory, emotional states and conditions of the present. I explore fields like psychology, neuroscience, ecology or biology to find basis for my speculative photographic storytelling and olfactory works. My graduation project ‘Fading Senses’ won Photography Prize 2020 KASKA, has been featured in PHmuseum Editor’s Top Projects 2020 and was exhibited in Antwerp and Berlin. 

E-mail me for commission or collaboration. Resume available upon request.




2021/2022 — Rethinking Nature, European Month of Photography: Casino Luxemburg, Imago Lisboa, FOTO WIEN (slide show screening)


2020 — New Talents 2020, Photographic Exploration Project, B-Part Gallery, Berlin, DE (group)
2020 — Solo exhibition, St Vincents (To Be Antwerp), Antwerp, BE (solo)
2020 — Solo exhibition, Marcel Nies Gallery (To Be Antwerp), Antwerp, BE (solo)
2020 — Blume!, Masters Expo 2020, FOMU Fotomuseum Antwerpen, BE (group)
2020 — Masters Expo, De Lange Zaal, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, BE (group)
2020 — The Billboard Project: The Quarantaine Edition, Antwerp, BE (group)
2020 — Solo Show, Oude Beurs, Antwerp, BE (group)
2019 — End Season, 3BA graduation exhibition, Antwerp, BE (group)
2018 — Missing Mathilde: On the Representation of Women in Public Space, Antwerp, BE (group)
2018 — In Limbo, Haar, Antwerp, BE (group)
2018 — Reverberate, Wintertuin, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, BE (group)


2020 — Prize Photography 2020, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, BE


2020 — Visual Storytelling Beyond the Anthropocene. Geert Goiris and World Without Us, Photography Department, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp


2020 — PHmuseum Editors’ Top Projects of 2020︎︎︎(online)
2020 — Photographic Exploration Project x B-Part Gallery Berlin, New Talents 2020 (print)
2020 — Subbacultcha, He(art) IV, December 2020 January 2021︎︎︎(print)
2020 — To Be Antwerp, Marcel Nies︎︎︎St Vincents︎︎︎(online)
2020 — My interview with Geert Goiris ︎︎︎(online)
2020 — Desired Spaces, Future Scenarios for an (Un-)Build Environment: Spaces of Seclusion and Collectiveness, with Gosia Golabek, Jakub Poplawski ︎︎︎ (contribution)

2020 — De Standaard, Billboards Tegen Corona︎︎︎(print)


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