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.tiff 2022

.TIFF 2022 - Emerging Belgian Photography
Flemish Cultural Center de Brakke Grond
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Every year FOMU selects ten promising photographers, all living or working in Belgium. .TIFF 2022 presents the work of: Alice Pallot, Arian Christiaens, Barbara Debeuckelaere, Emile Rubino, Gulsah Ayla Bayrak, Lars Duchateau, Ligia Popławska, Rami Hara and Seppe Vancraywinkel. 

Exhibition curator: Kaat Somers
Assistant curator: Sophie Dogterom
Supervision by Rein Desle and Anne Ruygt 

Images © LNDWStudio

© 2019-2023 Ligia Popławska